Hybrid Foils

Hybrid Foils - Prone System

Hybrid Foils - Prone System

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All Hybrid foil systems are supplied with 1 set of mast clamps, please select your appropriate mast clamp from the list provided, if you require additional mast clamps for multiple masts or multiple positions on tapered masts these can be found in the accessories page and can be added to your basket prior to checkout.

For the hardy prone foilers, we have put together a kit designed for you.


The kit comprises of the highest power cruise system combined with the low drag Nano pod and Hyper Hub. In addition the cable is increased in length for more options to mount the power unit.


The system comes with controller, charger, battery checker and 12AH battery.


Travel batteries are also available if required

System Contents

  • Battery and electronics enclosure
  • Lithium battery pack
  • Battery LiPo-safe charge bag
  • Lithium battery charger and mains lead
  • Motor - Complete with propellor hub and motor mount
  • Pair of propellor blades
  • e-sea-foil mastgrasp clamp nose and tail sections
  • e-sea-foil mastgrasp insert (mast specific Front and Rear)
  • Wireless controller with charger, wrist strap/float and USB cable
  • Paddle mount
  • Battery State of Charge monitor
  • 3 x Rubber cable guides
  • 3 x Board cable mount pads
  • Box containing fixing set (including spare fixings)
  • Cable tape reel
  • 2 x Silicone cable ties
  • Hex key driver

Technical Information

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