Hybrid Foils-cruise Technical Info

Hybrid Foils cruise operates with a 36-42V battery system, offering increased power and run time over the Hybrid Foils boost.

The battery enclosure is 10cm tall (vs 7.5cm for the boost) and the full system weighs 4.4kg.

The Hybrid Foils cruise uses the revolutionary tailor-made Hybrid Foils mastgrasp, providing interchangeable connections with a secure and streamlined fit to your hydrofoil mast.

The controller that operates the hybrid foils cruise has additional benefits of a larger colour screen, GPS (showing live speed and distance covered), multi-level power options and additional display information.

e foiling

While the Hybrid Foils system can be used for e foiling (when used with appropriate foils) it must be appreciated that the system is designed as a lightweight retrofit foil assist. It is not a full e foil and has limitations due to battery size and method of cooling of the electronics.

A dedicated e foil has a significantly larger and heavier battery (circa 8-10 times ), with a much greater capacity and operating voltage.

Use of high throttle percentages for extended durations will significantly reduce run time due to high power consumption, the figures stated for surf time are based on short bursts to push you onto a wave, these do not reflect e foil time!

  • Hybrid Foils-boost

    Best for SUP, Low Wind Wing and Prone Foiling

    • Average 2-3 hours surf time
    • Peak Thrust: 26kg
    • 28-32V Lithium Battery
    • Weight: 3.7kg
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  • Hybrid Foils-cruise

    Best for Performance foiling

    • Average 2-3 hours surf time
    • Peak Thrust: 29.5kg
    • 36-42V Lithium Battery
    • Weight: 4.4kg
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