• Research & Development

    Research & Development is at the heart of the Hybrid Foils evolution. Our British design team have honed the Hybrid Foils range over hundreds of hours of testing and development.
    All Hybrid Foils products are assembled and inspected in the UK prior to dispatch, ensuring the highest levels of quality.
    The entire system has been optimized in a custom-built instrumented test facility, enabling each part of the system to be perfectly tuned.

  • The Team

    Chris leads a tight-knit team of passionate engineers with significant experience in specialist design and engineering.

    The team have background experience from world leading hydrodynamic research facilities, military, aviation, environmental projects, university teaching and research, to name but a few.

  • Technical development

    Every component of our systems has been carefully selected through rigorous testing cycles to ensure complete synchronicity with each other. This creates a compact, powerful, reliable, and efficient propulsion system.
    Hybrid Foils bespoke motors have been manufactured to high specifications providing pinpoint performance for torque, RPM and runtime. Our folding, reduced-drag, centrifugal propellers have been refined to offer peak thrust, giving you maximum performance.