Technical Information

Hybrid Foils systems fit to your existing non powered foil. The motor driven propeller system consists of a battery powered motor and wireless remote, giving the flexibility to power onto foil in a range of conditions.
Each system fits simply onto a standard range of foil masts in less than 10 minutes! The propeller has been designed to fold behind the motor, reducing drag when not activated. It is operated with a remote control allowing the user to vary the percentage of assistance as required. Cruise control functionality is included in both system options.

All Hybrid Foils systems incorporate the revolutionary tailor-made Hybrid Foils-mastgrasp.

To attach the system to the hydrofoil, a durable two-piece mount is supplied, which fits perfectly around your existing mast. The mastgrasp is a flexible rubber insert, specifically designed to fit inside the mount of your chosen brand of mast. This provides a secure and streamlined fit.

The mastgrasps are easily interchangeable if you wish to switch the Hybrid Foils system onto a different mast.

Each and every component has been analysed at every level, giving an unparallelled solution for each part. We have used the finest materials and manufacturing technology, whilst keeping the system at an affordable price point.

The lightweight motors used on the Hybrid Foils systems have been developed specifically for optimal power to weight ratio and battery life.

  • Hybrid Foils boost

    Best for SUP, Low Wind Wing and Prone Foiling

    • Average 2-3 hours surf time
    • Peak Thrust: 26kg
    • 28-32V Lithium Battery
    • Weight: 3.7kg
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  • Hybrid Foils cruise

    Best for Performance foiling

    • Average 2-3 hours surf time
    • Peak Thrust: 29.5kg
    • 36-42V Lithium Battery
    • Weight: 4.4kg
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