NanoPod & HyperHub

Experience the pinnacle of hybrid foiling tech with the NanoPod and HyperHub – a game-changer in efficiency and performance. It's time to redefine your glide and embrace the future of hybrid foil technology.


Hybrid Foils NanoPod


Introducing the "NanoPod" a revolutionary foil pod that effortlessly attaches to any foil mast with a secure strap. Elevate your hybrid foiling experience with unmatched efficiency with the NanoPod

The NanoPod reduces pod surface area by over 59% from standard pod designs. What does this equate to? Reduced surface area equals reduced drag. The only part of the foil assist system that adds to the drag of your existing foil mast is the pod and motor. Reduced drag simply put, increases performance!

The NanoPod is designed to fit all Hybrid foils systems and Foildrive Gen 1 and Gen 2 motors, along with a number of other motors. (Please email us if you have any questions around fitment).

Crafted from highly-durable materials, providing a reliable and long-lasting upgrade. Installation is a breeze, saving you valuable time. Thanks to its simple yet effective design, the precision-engineered rubber inserts snugly fit your mast and reduce vibration eliminating the need for tape to protect your mast from hard plastic pod interfaces, delivering a hassle-free experience.

  • Extended battery life - Substituting your existing pod with a NanoPod significantly reduces your additional system drag. Reduced drag equates to reduced motor load which in turn increases run time.
  • Increased speed - With the reduction in drag you also gain speed. You will accelerate quicker, need less throttle to maintain the same speed and you will gain increases in top end as the motor is not having to work as hard.
  • Smoother transition on pod touchdown - This you will
    instantly notice; no abrupt breaking when touching down and a smoother, faster enjoyable ride when motor foiling out to your next wave. 
  • Multi position Interface - Due to the use of a multi position retaining strap you can move the NanoPod into any position using the supplied insert. Additional inserts are available to allow you to easily fit the same pod on a full range of foil masts.

Hybrid Foils - HyperHub


The ultimate in hub design for performance speed and strength, we have an offer for both that can be found here.

Experience a boost in power that transforms your ride into a symphony of acceleration. The HyperHub's cutting-edge design is meticulously crafted to deliver superior performance. Say goodbye to compromises – this is power, precision, and perfection seamlessly fused into one.

Technically the HyperHub has the strongest and lowest friction blade pivots available, the pivots are over 20% stronger than the standard blade screws.

The HyperHub is designed to fit all Hybrid foils and Foildrive Gen 1 and Gen 2 motors, along with a number of other motors and blades. (please email us if you have any questions around fitment).

Why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Elevate your adventures, conquer new horizons, and leave the competition in your wake. The HyperHub isn't just a product; it's a commitment to unmatched power, speed, and innovation. Get ready to redefine your limits and ride on the edge with the HyperHub.

  • Hybrid Foils Version 2 - Mid 2024

    • Dual antenna option
    • Multi mount
    • Travel batteries
    • Unique upgrade options

  • High Capacity Assist- Late 2024

    • Enhanced runtime
    • Motor upgrades
    • Shielded propeller options