The origins of foil assist

The origins of foil assist

The origins of foil assist

The concept of a lightweight lower powered retrofit e foil can be traced back to early 2017

The ideas were formed on an online group of foil enthusiasts keen to build their own boards, foils and powered e foils.

The original ideas were all based on a lightweight lower powered version of an e foil to use for SUP foiling.

Initial concepts evolved, with a variety of propellor and motor combinations being paired and tested with the early units initially developed without the addition of folding propellor blades.

However folding propellers were already being used on the leading efoil brands which later became adapted to be used on a lightweight powered assist drive unit with folding propellors that provided reduced drag.

Following on from the enthusiasts builds the first commercial assist products started arriving on the market in late 2020.

Here at eseafoil we started our journey back in 2021 initially following the journey of the online group and developing prototype systems for ourselves and friends locally. After a ground swell of enthusiasm for the product the journey of developing a system worthy of sale to a wider audience began.

We have looked at the requirements from the early stages and wanted to focus on a product that was a fully engineered solution which utilises the best materials that are available to stand up to the tough environmental conditions. We have developed a series of components that interface onto a wide variety of boards and masts with a belief that our solution is the best on the market. We have a one-off reliable and secure pod mounting system that can easily and quickly be transferred from one brand of mast to another. Please see the following link which shows you the system in detail. HybridFoils Technical Info – Hybrid Foils


We also offer two powers of assist, the Hybrid foils boost (equivalent battery voltage and capacity to the assist plus systems) and the Hybrid foils cruise which is the most powerful assist system on the market. This operates at a higher voltage and offers noticeably more power, perfect for heavier riders and people looking to make the most of its capability to foil on the flat days and run smaller foils.

The mast interface is unique to Hybrid foils and uses a mastgrasp insert which provides a secure reliable cushioned grip onto your mast. This simple cost-effective insert can be swapped out to enable installation onto alternative masts or multiple positions on tapered masts. Additional benefits of the mastgrasp also include protection of the mast from unwanted scratches and marks, and extremely quiet running. We want you to be able listen to the conditions around you without the distraction of the motor.

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